TouchStone Concrete Designs

TouchStone Concrete Designs

Craig LucasTouchstone Concrete was purchased on September 1st 2012, by Compass Capital Inc, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The founders, Craig and Tyler Lucas, have been involved in the home improvement industry for over 24 years.   Prior to Touchstone they developed the second largest contractor network in the USA (called with over 5000 contractors and over 26,000 homeowner projects per month) before selling to in 2006.

Tyler Lucas They have always been on the lookout for new trends, even if they disrupt current markets.   Today, the use of decorative concrete when combined with glass reinforcement is becoming a growing trend in home decoration and design.  Concrete is now not just for outside the house on a patio or driveway.   It can now be a decorative addition inside the home and take center stage in many kitchens and bathrooms.

Over the years, we have learned one very important lesson.  Building a successful business requires constant attention and knowledge of even the most minor details that affect quality.  Here at TouchStone Concrete Designs, growth and expansion will always be second to quality.

Presently, we serve all of Atlantic Canada through our exclusive distribution network.

Touchstone Concrete Designs is proud to offer:

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